Ongoing Simpsons Ratings

(Last Updated: 2022-09-14 15:08:51 -0400 EDT)

Simpsons did it

We’ve started to rewatch the “newer” (past Season 12) to see how bad could they be. Obviously they will not be as good as the golden years, but we wanted to see how many GOOD episodes were muffled in with the sludge. So here are Tara and I’s ratings per episode we watch at random, and a mini review of what we liked or thought about it.

Episode List

EP Review Rating 1-10
S20E04 A: Transformers cute, celebrity killing smart but bad execution, same with Peanuts.
T: Funny and original. Loses points with the lack of creativity with the second act.
A: 8 / 10
T: 8 / 10
S23E03 A: Ditto
T: Jokes and references over explained
A: 3 / 10
T: 3 / 10
S24E13 A: I liked Homer's plot about doing seeing eye puzzles, I guess. Milhouse plot seemed forced
T: Fun idea, could've done a little bit more with it with the Milhouse idea. Homers section didn't lead anywhere and kind of fell flat for me
A: 6 / 10
T: 7 / 10
S25E06 A: Fun ideas but not enough to save, too political
T: Strong ideas but got lost along the way
A: 4 / 10
T: 5 / 10
S26E12 A: Elon sure is smart and lonely, that's it that's the joke.
T: Elon ad, the "funny" bits were awkward and seemed forced.
A: 2 / 10
T: 1 / 10
S27E09 A: Agreed, they should have ended the show with this, even if it's based off a movie
T: Just magical, it has everything
A: 10 / 10
T: 10 / 10
S29E04 A: Fun ideas, uses most of them without running too long
T: Decent, had a few original ideas, not upset about it
A: 7 / 10
T: 7 / 10