UT2004 Server

(Posted: 2022-07-16 16:30:40 -0400 EDT)



Game server IP:

Game stats website: https://ut2004.thevorticon.com/

Hell Yeah Dude UT2004 Server

Ever since I played a giant fun instagib server I’ve wanted to find/play all those fun simple yet crazy maps. It took a lot of effort to go through 15+yr old forums and downloads but I think I’m at a good place where I’ve got a pretty big collection of content to go nuts with.

I’m still in the process of changing the server rules/addons. It’s MAINLY CTF focused, probably instagib, and bots will fill up the ranks up to X players.

What do I need to play?!

I found it super fun to find out how modular and easy to host/customize content for such an old game. I even made a little post on how anyone can make a server.


Stuff I want to do/add