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I’m Hans/Adam and like messing around with retro-tech/video games, old Thinkpads, synthesizers, and other way cool stuff.

I like to write about projects I’m working on, write guides/tutorials for things that were hard to find for me on the internet (for the greater good), talking about ideas/links that I find cool, game/movie journaling, or just writing about stuff I’m collecting.

Latest From Game Journals/Jank

Blue Fire is an absolute FIRE Zelda/Metroidvania/Dark Souls inspired experience

Blue Fire is a 3D Metroidvania Platformer that combines Zelda, Dark Souls, and PS2 era/Super Mario 64-esque platforming into a pretty cohesive and really fun package. It definitely wears all of its influences front and center, where I felt instead of me thinking they were "copying" certain tropes/ideas from other games, I felt more like they were playing homage or tribute to everything they got inspired from.

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Latest From Guides/Notes

Using Postgresql repmgr to manage replication/failover

Recently I started to play with repmgr. This was mostly so I could feel better at how Postgresql handles replication, but more so I wanted a way to have an easy failover/switch to primary system. Repmgr can do all this (and more!) very easily and quite painlessly, even with servers with existing data.

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